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1. To provide financial aid to one or more educational, social, welfare institutions, health centres, homes for the poor and the destitute in any part of the Indian Republic or abroad.

2. To help the poor and deserving, regardless of their religion, caste and creed.

3. To award stipends, scholarship or any other form of financial assistance to the needy & deserving, preference being given to the destitute children and orphans.

4. To help young men & women in imbibing their rich religious and cultural heritage by promoting and organising Shabad Gayan competitions, essaywriting competitions, Debates, Education competitions, etc.

5. To start and maintain institutions of general welfare or educational in nature and to eradicate social evils through publicity, Lectures, display of relevant films and publication of pamphlets.

6. To publish books, magazines and other literature, for children in particular and the public in general, to inculcate in them the finest values of good citizenship and to build up their high moral character.

7. To establish libraries for the benefit of the public.

8. That the benefits accruing from the objects of the Trust shall not be restricted or confined to members of any particular community, caste, creed, religion or faith.

9. To utilise the Trust for advancement of any other object of general public utility.

10. That Surplus generated by any activity of the trust shall be used wholly for one of the objects of the trust as specified above, whether in the year of generation or be accumulated, to be used for charitable purposes in any subsequent year.

Note: Donations are eligible for relief u/s 80G of Income -Tax Act, 1961 (43 of 1961) vide CIT - I / CHD / TECH / 80G / 2008 - 939 dated 19/05/2008 valid upto 31.03.2012. The validity has since been extended in perpetuity.