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An exceptionally young talented Gurleen Kaur Pannu renders Gurbani Shabads in her soulful voice

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Young Gurleen Kaur Pannu (aged 9 years and a student of Class IV) has rendered eight Shabads from Gurbani in her soulful voice, which will definitely leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of the listeners especially, the lovers of Gurbani.

  • Har man tan vasi-aa so-ee
  • Kar kirpaa mere pareetam suaamee
  • Poota maata kee aasees
  • Waheguru jaap
  • Gun gavan nit tere
  • Banh ke bangali
  • Charan kamal kaa aasraa
  • Gopaal teraa aarta

We pray for her long life and a bright career in the service of Gurmat Sangeet

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